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Vermeer Audio is a French company compound of technicians and passionate investors. They design preamplifiers – digital and analog audio converters of upper upscale segment intended for a public of audiophiles and music lovers looking for a definition and an outstanding sound transparency.

We have taken back the rights and the technology of the models LaSource and LaFontaine from the prestigious Audio Aero Company. These models are used as basis for the development of the Vermeer Audio first range.
The values of our company consist of the meeting of three main requirements: the Vermeer Audio Replaying quality, the manufacturing and reliability of its devices.
That is why most of our manufacturing centers are based in Switzerland

The Vermeer Audio Universal Control Center model TWO and in the next future the model THREE are endowed with completely new circuits of conversion 32 bits / 384 kHz allowing the reading of all type of dematerialized files in particular DSD files.

The Audio Aero last generation model was already capable of reading and converting on the basis of Sacd disks.
The power modules have been worked again to increase their performance and their reliability.

Furthermore, we assure the after-sales service and the upgrade of most of the models LaSource and LaFontaine produced under the brand Audio Aero offering them the possibility of being equipped with Vermeer Audio cards and benefiting from all his technical novelties.

Our first range of devices entirely “made in France” is already available with The Model TWO

We thank you for your trust and we remain entirely at your disposal for any additional information.
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