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About us

Welcome to the Vermeer Audio site

Vermeer Audio is a team of lifelong audiophiles who wanted a home sound reproduction system that could recapture all the emotion of a live concert.With this in mind, we developed a range of digital and analogue preamplifiers and converters, making no compromises as we pursued the single aim of achieving a quality that would enable listeners to truly immerse themselves in a soundscape.

Our philosophy

Our devices are at the heart of the sound reproduction system and are designed to allow the music to take centre stage. They have a discreet elegance and area easy to integrate, enabling connection with sources, amplifiers and loudspeaker enclosures in stereo systems.

Our primary focus is the intrinsic quality of our devices and the finesse of the sound reproduction: to own a Vermeer Audio product is to choose infinite auditory emotions

Our products

Our range features 3 models:  Vermeer Audio THREE, TWO and ONE:

  • Model TWO is an integrated device consisting of a DAC, network drive and a digital and analogue pre-amplifier. It is practically unique on the market, since it makes it possible to house most digital and analogue sources that form a system and to then connect them to a pair of loudspeakers or a powerful amplifier.
    Model TWO’s USB port has been ROON Tested.
    Since its release, Model TWO has been acclaimed by many audiophiles and specialist publications for the versatility and quality with which it handles digital or analogue files
  • Model THREE has been developed to be our entrance-level model. It consists of a DAC, a network drive and a pre-amplifier fitted with LEEDH volume control. Model THREE’s USB port has been ROON tested and is network drive will soon be ROON ready. As for Model TWO, all you have to do is connect Model THREE to a pair of loudspeakers or a pre-amplifier to get the most out of its precious sound reproduction qualities
    Vermeer Audio Model THREE won the “Grand Frisson 2021” award from AUDIOPHILE MAGAZINE and was voted “DAC of the Year 2022” by HIFI+
  • Model ONE is under development. The device will come with all our technical advances and represent the culmination of our knowhow to date. Individually made in a limited quantity, Model ONE will be the most desirable model in the range

We also plan to widen our ONE, TWO and THREE range to cover devices in your current range that could complement them.

Where to find us

Our products are distributed by carefully chosen partners who shar our philosophy.

If you are in a country that is not covered by our network, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

We wish you a pleasant musical journey with Vermeer Audio