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Upgrading the drivers for Audio Aero LaSource & LaFontaine

to VERMEER AUDIO drivers for W7/8 /10

Download the file which include a PDF documentation, the file includes the special driver to
install the upgrade and the upgrade file.


1) Check the current version of the driver on your computer. You need to uninstall any
version ( Audio Aero 1.V.22 and/or Edel 2.26)

2) Install driver 1v56 included in this « Zip. » package (XMOS Driver 1v56 setup.exe) and
connect the USB cable to the USB 24/192 Input of your LaSource or LaFontaine device.
DO NOT CONNECT TO THE UPGRADE TERMINAL If you have any message about
« Windows « approval for the download , accept installation .

3) Restart the computer.

4) Open the USB Audio control panel from Windows desktop notification area OR from :
C:Program FilesUSB_AudioAudioDriverUSBAudioCpl.exe

5) Go to the Firmware upgrade tab, select the firmware image (upgrade from 31xx to 679
_audioaero.bin) and launch the upgrade.

7) Uninstall the USB audio driver 1v56.

8) Download the latest USB audio driver for Vermeer Audio TWO from this web site
(version 2.26).

150506 Edel_USB_Audio_driver_2v26

9) Install the new USB driver , connect the USB to the device

10) Restart your computer

11) The update procedure is finished. The USB interface do not anymore now appears as
Audio Aero.

Original USB Drivers for Audio Aero LaSource & LaFontaine up to W7

Audioaero USB Driver 1v22a