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Follow-Up: I was quite flattered when Stereo Times publisher, Clement Perry, asked if I would be interested in doing a follow up to Dave Thomas’ review of the Vermeer Audio TWO DAC.  I was surprised at the offer initially.  Dave wrote a clear, succinct review that I took a look at and felt it was a very good read (here). I gave it no more thought.  Of course, it would have been nice if my own brother (yes, DT is my brother) would’ve invited me to come to his home to listen to this gorgeous $22K DAC and share some ideas and conclusions on its performance or maybe even invite me, as a fellow Stereo Times reviewer, to take it home for a few days (or weeks) to see how I felt about the piece.  I concluded that it must have slipped his mind as he is such a busy fellow. That or the greedy bastard just wanted to keep it for himself!  So, I told Clement that, yes, would I be interested in doing a follow-up review on the Vermeer Audio TWO?  Actually, it was more like I screamed, “YES!”